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My name is Sarah and I am an illustrator living in the Nashville area. I love to work with all different types of mediums, including digital, watercolor, acrylic, and ink. I am constantly inspired by my family, including my four children. I want to create art that will bring a smile to anyone’s face who looks at it, especially kids. When I am not making art, I am usually hanging out with my family or playing guitar or piano.


1. Why did you pick Illustration as your career?

I chose illustration as my career because I love creating and it really makes me feel alive when I am making art. Also, being a freelance illustrator is also a perfect job for a mom, and having four kids, that is something I have to consider. Thank God for the iPad Pro and being able to draw on the sidelines of a soccer field!

2. How do you stay creative?

Sometimes it’s very hard to stay creative, but the best way I have found is talking with friends, getting ideas from my kids, changing up my medium, or even just being outside and getting some fresh air. I have heard several times, if you want to change your output, you have to change your input, and I strongly believe that.

3. Aside from illustrating, what other things do you enjoy doing?

I love to play piano and guitar, that is definitely a stress reliever for me. I also really enjoy anything creative: whether it’s crochet, baking, sewing, writing… I honestly love it all.

4. If you were a bicycle, what part would you be?

The sparkly handlebar streamers, for sure.

5. What is something unique about your work?

I would like to think the sense of humor stands out in my work. Adding silly details that you really have to look for before you see them that make people laugh is something I really love doing. But if you asked someone else, they might say what is unique is my characters’ “potato body and noodle arms”.


-Nashville Scene

- Ask Magazine, Cricket Media

- The Memphis Flyer

- Pink the Figaro




-Cafe Makai, Nashville, TN

-Cafe 31, White House, TN

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